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Our Board

Palmer Nazarene Current Church Board – 2010

Building & Grounds – Peter Portney

Peter Portney

This Seat is responsible for maintenance & repair of the
building and grounds, lighting, parking development,
lawn maintenance, snow removal, maintenance
of equipment

Finance – Zach Paulson

Zach Paulson

This Seat is responsible for producing Budgets and
handling Appropriations, Vision Development,
Stewardship, Faith Promise, Forward in Faith,
parsonage rental oversight

Mission & Outreach – Jolene Watkins

Jolene Watkins

This Seat is responsible for Nazarene
Compassionate Ministries of the Mat-Su Valley,
Evangelism & Assimilation, Work & Witness,
and coordinating Palmer Church of The Nazarene
involvement with Nazarene Missions International

Prayer & Care – Chris Ballard

Chris Ballard

This Seat is responsible for Pastoral Care (salary & benefits,
vacation & sabbatical), Congregational Care (visitation,
funerals, crisis care), Prayer Ministries

Sunday School & Discipleship – Dawn Paulson

Dawn Paulson

This Seat is responsible for Sunday School,
Small Groups, Age Group Ministries
(Women’s, Men’s, Youth, Children’s, Family Life)

Worship – Genista James

Genista James

This Seat is responsible for Music Ministry,
Music Productions, Audio & Visual Technologies,
Pulpit Supply, Revival Planning and Implementation,
Special Events Emphasis, Ushering

Pastoral Advisory – Ralph Pelchat & Rick McCoy

Ralph PelchatRick McCoy

This Seat consists of two Board Members & two Assistants
(Tim Barnum & Emily Lukin). This Seat acts as
a sounding board for the Pastor, and is responsible
for aiding in his support & development.

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Indicium Gravis

Sunday School 9 a.m.
Fellowship 10 a.m.
Worship Service 10:30 a.m.
Luncheon 12 noon
Youth Group 7 p.m.

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